The most important principle of MK Schools is to raise a happy world individual by preparing our children for life.

Individuals who are sensitive to the environment and tolerant of different cultures grow on the basis of multiculturalism laid at a young age.

We have a positive understanding of education that enables our children to express themselves freely and share their creativity.

In the educational environment, the child who is allowed to be himself can become a successful, happy and free individual in the future. The free individual also becomes a happy world person.

The main purpose of our institution; to give universal values ​​to new generations and to bring qualified educational institutions to our country.

Our institution has a growth policy that develops, changes and progresses by always setting further goals for itself.

Our schools consist of safe and hygienic sections designed to meet all kinds of needs of children.

It is sunny, airy, has large classes and large gardens.

Since we believe in creativity and continuous development in education, we attach great importance to our school buildings having conditions suitable for this development.

All these prominent features of MK Schools are due to the high level qualifications of our educational staff and the appropriate conditions of our institutional buildings.